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We run a large fleet of high performance Ski-Doo mountain sleds including the 2017/2018 Gen 4 Summit X 850. With a selection of 600cc and 800cc Summit XM's up to our Gen4 Summit X 850 154's, 165's and 175s we have a sled for all skill levels and experiences. All of our machines feature heated handlebars, tall and narrow anti-slip seat for better comfort and reverse. 

We also have a selection of avalanche safety equipment to keep you and your friends safe. 

Take your pick of our mountain sleds to enjoy your time in our amazing backcountry - selection is limited to availability.

Multi day rates available on booking.

Please see Important Information below on sled rentals.


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Snowmobile Rental Information

  • Each snowmobile rental includes one full tank of gas and an approved full-face helmet.
  • Avalanche equipment is a requirement to anyone using a snowmobile and are available to rent for $25 per day if you do not already have avalanche equipment (avalanche equipment includes a backpack, shovel, probe, and avalanche transceiver). Avalanche equipment can be rented through the online booking system when you book your sled.
  • We do not provide goggles, outer wear or snow boots so please make sure you bring your own.
  • Snowmobile rentals are subject to availability so book well in advance to make sure you get the chance to ride the day you want!
  • You can pick up your sled the night before or the morning of the rental. You need to allow 30 minutes to sign our paperwork and for instructions. If delivery is required it will be $35 to the Rutherford, $50 to the Hurley or Rainbow or $100 to Sprout or Brandywine. Drop off and pick up times are subject to availability.

Important Information

  • Signing of the Release of Liability and Waiver of Claim Form is mandatory.
  • All riders must be 19 years and older and have a valid driver’s license.
  • On the day of the rental a $1,000.00 24hr hold will be placed on the renter’s credit card in case of damages to the snow mobile. Any damage must be paid for by the renter.
  • Snowmobiling is a very demanding physical activity and therefore is not recommended for anyone suffering from back and neck pain, heart or respiratory diseases and any related or similar injuries/disabilities. We reserve the rights to refuse services if we judge that your physical condition might be a hazard to your safety.
  • We reserve the right to refuse services if we judge that the inexperience of the driver represents a hazard.
  • The snowmobile must not be driven by any other person then the renter and doubling is not permitting due to the single seat.
  • You may not operate a snowmobile under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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